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Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

lawn and landscape maintenance

Maintaining a beautiful lawn requires correct and regular maintenance at the appropriate intervals.  The climate in Georgia, though wonderful, makes this lawn and landscape maintenance a necessity.  LawnSouth is an industry expert in lawn and landscape maintenance.  Don’t spend your free time and weekends mowing your lawn.  Leave it to LawnSouth.  We offer a program to keep your lawn looking great year-round.

Routine Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

Spring through fall, we provide weekly visits to mow, edge, prune/trim shrubs and blow off debris. In the winter as grass growing cycles slow, we make less frequent visit.  However, provide winter pruning and general maintenance to keep your landscape healthy and ready for the spring growing cycle.  

Proper mowing doesn’t only give your lawn an attractive appearance, it also increases the density and improves the health of your grass. When done correctly, you will groom strong and drought tolerant grass. Improper lawn mowing can subject your lawn to environmental stresses, insects and diseases, making it challenging for your lawn to flourish.

Lawn and Landscape Maintenance- More Than Mowing

Lawn and landscape maintenance doesn’t only include mowing.  Mowing, however, tends to be the task most people think of when they think of lawn maintenance.  Though regular mowing is an important part of having a beautiful and healthy lawn, landscape maintenance also needs to include shrub pruning, weed control and turf fertilization.  LawnSouth provides additional services including weed control and turf fertilization, leaf and lawn clean-up, laying mulch and pine straw, and planting annual flowers.

We have skilled lawn care professionals, awesome customer service and are fully insured.  We treat each lawn like it is our own.

Professional Service

We are licensed and insured and have highly trained and experienced service professionals.  The equipment used on your lawn does matter!  We use high quality, commercial grade equipment to care for your lawn.  Being environmentally responsible, we recycle 100% green waste.  

Leave your lawn mowing and maintenance to us!

Contact or call LawnSouth at 770-642-7713 today to schedule a free evaluation of your landscape and see how we can save you time and make your lawn the envy of your neighbors.