Fertilizer and Weed Control Original

spreaderOur 7 Application Weed Control & Fertilization Program

Each turf type requires a customized program to ensure the best possible health and color. Our 7 application program uses an effective combination of liquid and granular products to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful year round.

An effective weed control program begins with prevention. Starting our program in the middle of the cycle likely means that you missed several important treatments. In such cases, you will need to catch up with additional treatments or understand that it will take longer to see results as we catch up with the weed control cycle.

Brown patch on fescue will require additional treatments, separate from the standard program.

Dollar spot can usually be managed with frequent fertilizer treatments. If you are starting in the middle of the program, treatment to correct this may involve additional treatments not included in the standard program.

Hard to control weeds include, nutsedge, ground ivy, and violets require additional treatments not included in the standard program.

Unfortunately, we are unable to control dallisgrass and goosegrass weeds with our program; therefore they are not included in our weed prevention and control program.

Any additional treatments will be billed on a per treatment basis.