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Autumn Lawn Care Tips To Use Now

lawn care RoswellNow that fall is officially here, there’s a tendency here in Atlanta to begin to ignore the lawn (because weekends are made for football, right?). Well, that’s actually a really bad idea. Taking care of certain lawn chores now can actually lead to a greener, healthier lawn in the next spring. These tips can help you get there.

Sure, you can cut back on the mowing and the watering which will help ease your water bill, but your lawn still needs some attention. Most yards still need about three-quarters of an inch of water every ten days or so just to stay healthy. Keep track of rainy days which will help satisfy your yard. The amount of water your yard needs will decrease as winter approaches, but watering every so often will give the yard what it needs to grow through the winter.

Here are some other tips:

Keep Mowing
This is a common mistake among homeowners- they put the mower away until spring. Sure, you’ll want to move less often, but getting your lawn mowed every other week or so will go a long way to maintain a healthy appearance in the warmer months.

Now’s The Time To Control Weeds
This is the right time to apply pre-emergent weed control products to address any weed problems throughout the fall and winter months. In most yards, this should seriously reduce any problems you may have. If you do see any, feel free to pull them by hand. Talk to us about applying any post-emergent weed control applications because in certain situations, your yard may actually stay healthier without it.

Pest Control
In most yards, insect problems persist only during the summer. Fall is the time where you may see critters like mole crickets. If you do see a problem, call us, and we can help take care of the problem. Many homeowners just go pick up the first pesticide they see at the store which could seriously hurt your yard, so give us a call. We’ll help you address the problem and keep your yard healthy.

A well maintained yard will store up everything it needs to survive the winter months. We’ll help your yard develop a healthy root system while it spends time recovering from an active growth season. Paying attention to these tips as well as some of the other things we’ll suggest for your individual lawn will ensure that your lawn stays healthy throughout the year.